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Project Description
An FTP client library to provide high-level FTP functionality for the FTPrequest in the .NET Framework 2.0


As you may be aware, CodePlex is shutting down in Dec 2017. The source code for the project has been copied to GitHub at

Source note
If downloading the source code, please use FtpClient2 version, as this is the latest one.

Project Home Page
FTPclient implements a high-level FTP client library using the System.NET.FTPrequest library in the .NET Framework 2.0 and above. Although .NET now supports FTP it is a very basic protocol-level support, hence I wrote this library to give easy access to .NET functionality.

To find out more about this library in the first instance read my
CodeProject article. Originally written in VB.NET it has been translated into C# as well and I hope to maintain both versions as people will find it easier to debug and add functionality if it remains in both versions.

Why put it in CodePlex?
If the source is available on CodeProject, why add it to CodePlex as well? I would like to allow others to share modifications, bugfixes and improvements, which isn't really that easy in CodeProject. It is much easier in CodePlex so I have set up the code here as well. If you are interested helping with modifications and improvements please let me know.


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